{ skylar jay }
Your name is SKYLAR, though people have been known to call your SKY, CONFAG, and SWEETUMS. You label yourself as somewhat of a GEEK and put yourself down TOO MUCH, a habit that you are trying to get out of. Your ASPIRATIONS include leaving the midwestern HELL you currently reside in to make it as as SCREENWRITER. You indulge yourself in COMIC BOOKS and WEB COMICS and the like, because ART gives you a RAGING hard on. You are QUEER as FUCK and like to spread your LOVE around. You like SCARY and generally CREEPY shit and are a little bit obsessed with ANARCHISM. You want nothing more than to get in a FIST FIGHT. There aren’t many things you DON’T like because you’re just EASY GOING like that, but that only makes you more ADORABLE.|
4chan, alex pettyfer, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, androgyny, anime, anti-twilight, anton yelchin, args, baccano!, blair and serena, blair waldorf, blair/serena, blake lively, blake/leighton, bleighton, blood, body modification, books, capslock, chace crawford, chris pine, chuck palahniuk, cinematography, classic literature, crack, david bowie, diablo cody, ed westwick, elegante, equal rights, etymology, fanfiction, fantasy, femslash, fight club, fire candy, folklore, free speech, games, gaming, gay marriage, gay rights, gene roddenberry, gingers, gore, gossip girl, gothic literature, gq motherfuckers, guro, hanna falk cross, hellsing, heroes, hinabn, homosexuality, horror, horror games, jack the ripper, james t kirk, jennifer's body, jenny humphrey, jj abrams, juno, kirk/spock, kushiel's legacy, lady gaga, language, leighton meester, lesbians, literature, loli, lolita, love, mag/marni, mag/shilo, magic, manga, marble hornets, masochism, milo ventimiglia, modding, movies, music, musicals, mythology, neil gaiman, original fiction, oscar wilde, pet shop of horrors, philosophy, photography, piano, poetry, porn, pretty girls, psychology, rainbows, reading, repo!, repo! the genetic opera, role-playing, roleplay, roleplaying, rp, rule of rose, sadism, screenplays, screenwriting, serena van der woodsen, serena/blair, sexuality, shakespeare, shilo/mag, shojo ai, shota, shotacon, shoujo ai, shoujo-ai, silent hill, slenderman, smut, sociology, spock, spock/kirk, star trek, star trek xi, supernatural, survival horror, tank girl, taylor momsen, the filthy youth, the pretty reckless, theater, tim burton, tolerance, torture, vampires, vampires that don't sparkle, vampirism, video games, watchmen, writing, yuri, zachary quinto, zoe saldana, zombies,